Sunday, 2 April 2017

Two true stories...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Two true stories... || Ewah ewah macam serious ja bunyi tajuk atu. Haha. But true bah cerita yang Fae akan share shortly ne... First, just want to know how everybody is doing so far? Hope bulan April ne akan bring more joy, less drama in our life.

Alright, the first true (LOL) story is pasal my students arah tuition tempat Fae mengajar. Usually around 8 pm-ish semua students will have their break and the Muslim boys ada yang solat Isya' berjemaah. 

One day, Sufi, a 7 year old boy, asked us the teachers, "why Brandon don't always do solat? Dari hari tu dah..." (Note: I change the original speech without omitting the main point which is about solat, so that my non-Bruneian readers will understand.)

Me and Teacher Fatin were laughing. 

Teacher Fatin replied, "because Brandon is....a Chinese bah..." Pheww Sufi seemed satisfy with her answer. LOL. 

Dari nama Brandon already you can guess that he is not a Muslim bah. 

Sufi Sufi~ 

Despite of their race or religion or family background, I pray for all my students will succeed in life and grow up to become insan yang berguna. Aamiin...

Okay, the second true (LOL) story is pasal cough syrup. This afternoon me and my future husband (Aamiin..) went to a retail shop buying his stuff before ea pigi offshore this coming Monday. Ubat salah satu item yang mesti dibalinya.

I took a small box of Gamat Madu cough syrup from a shelf. And there was an old Chinese lady standing next to us, suddenly asked us, "good kah the medicine?"

I politely answered, "yes, aunt. I always buy this...for my sister."

"Ohh ini madu punya. Thought ginger.. The weather nowadays bikin demam bah," lebih kurang cematu lah cakap aunt atu.

"Yelah aunt.. susah weather sekarang. Hopefully the ubat works..", I said. 

Few chit chat...

And the aunt pun decided to purchase the cough syrup.

So, what is the motive I am telling you this? Well, sometime a random talk with a total stranger can make me happy. Call me weirdo if you want, but it's true bah. You never know after the short conversation akan inject positive vibes dalam diri you. Make you still believe that there are actually many nice people still exist out there in this cruel, corrupted world.


  1. Assalamualaikum Fae
    aduh lama nya aunty tak singgah sini
    apa kabar??lucu lah cerita si Brandon yang inda solat atu heee

    1. wa'alaikumussalam auntie hehe kabar baik Alhamdulillah

      au cali bah soalan sufi atu

  2. Kanak-kanak kadang-kadang soalan mereka out of box. Boleh buat kita tersenyum 😊

  3. True..small thing can make we happy.ragam manusia ni pelbagai.kita tak tau pun yg suggestiin kita can help strangers..beri manfaat pada org

    1. jangan strangers yang semacam sudahlah hahaha

  4. Assalamualaikum Fae,
    Indeed, actually many nice people out there..
    Bijak sungguh Sufi, sangat prihatin..

    1. wa'alaikumusalam kak

      sufi is a smart student ehe

  5. hahahah~ comel sufi tu tau.. tak pe cikgu fae.. layan kan saja.. salam kenalan dari Malaysia..

  6. lawanya blog...saalam perkenalan dr sy

  7. Mungkin dia masih blum paham knp chinese x solat seperti muslim

    1. i think so eheh sufi baru berumur 7 tahun

  8. sama lah mcm family mrs pip juga, ada yg muslim ada yg christian.
    When my christian niece asked me, auntie ndak pigi sembahyang gereja?
    haha, and me answered, oh ndak, auntie sembahyang di rumah ja..
    Then dia confused and asked her mom why...

    1. heheh sama lah..fae pun dari family yang ada berbeza religion


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