Friday, 7 April 2017

dUCkies! It is not just an ordinary duck. It is a ROYAL DUCK!

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

dUCkies! It is just not an ordinary duck. It is a ROYAL DUCK! || Haa remember janji Fae mau cerita pasal teaser semalam? Alright, may I know siapa peminat tudung Duck here? Duck is a popular (and expensive) scarf brand founded by Vivy Yusuf. She is a successful entrepreneur (co-founder of Fashion Valet) and has inspired ramai wanita diluar sana untuk berani capai your dreams! And I believe Vivy Yusuf's dream to collaborate with Brunei's Future Queen, HRH Pengiran Anak Isteri Pengiran Anak Sarah, akhirnya tercapai! 

Now semua dUCkies sudah buleh tarik nafas lega because kelmarin telah diadakan pelancaran rasmi The Royal Duck yang mengambil tempat di The Empire Hotel, Brunei

Before I go on, just want to clarify that I did not attend the event. So apa-apa info Fae dapat from The Duck Group Instagram page and all pictures yang I upload sini belong to my friend, Rabiatul. Thanks Bi sudi sent gambar-gambar masa event atu.

The yesterday launch was held in a private royal event, dirasmikan oleh HRH PAIPAS dan Vivy Yusuf. The lucky dUCkies that got to attend the private royal event was exclusively selected from the contest that they joined yang dibuat arah The Duck Group Instagram page. Only 25 dUCkies were selected. And Rabiatul was one of them. Rezeki baby dalam parut mu kali Bi. Hehe.

As you can see in the picture above, ada 4 colours available for The Royal Duck scarf. The square scarf design contains 5 elements. The wheel, the diamonds, the bees, the flowers and the grid.

Since HRH PAIPAS pengguna tegar square scarf setiap kali attend official events so untuk collaboration ne durang produce square scarf lah. 

I personally like this one

Ada matching bag, too

Lapas private event atu, in the afternoon dibukakan public preorder event from 2 p.m until 10 p.m. And Vivy Yusuf became celebrity of the day. Ramai people took selfies with her.

Duck scarf is synonym ngan harga mahal for us yang jenis ala kadar ne. Haha. Check out the price package untuk tudung The Royal Duck ne!

$190 untuk tudung

$60 untuk beg tudung

Bye bye money

I am not sure the actual price in RM. If I convert Brunei dollar to Malaysian Ringgit, around RM590 (scarf) and RM190 (bag). Correct me if I am wrong.

Ada yang baik hati mau hadiahkan Fae tudung Duck? Haha. 


  1. tudung duck.. huhuhu neeza mampu tengok je fae, neeza tak mampu hehe

    1. itulah kan... fae mengikuti update psl Royal Duck ne coz mereka collaborate ngan our Crown Princess...

  2. Wow! Secantik tempatnya.. mahal betul ya duck scarf ni :) mmg royal gitu


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