Saturday, 11 March 2017

what is your wishlist?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

what is your wishlist? ll I believe semua urang ada their own wishlist. clap! clap! clap! if apa yang you wish ada yang sudah tercapai. if ada yang balum tercapai, work hard for it! anybody want to know what my wishlist is? HAHA!


Fae's wishlist:

1. to own a house

if I have loads of bucks in my pocket right now, buying a house would be the top priority in my spending list!

2. to own (rent) an office where I can do all my blogging jobs and business

I know I am not a popular blogger but this won't keep my dream ahold *wink*

3. travelling

because I love to learn about foreign cultures. travelling is also a sort of stress remedy.

4. open my own business  

actually, I don't like to work under people. hence, doing a business is the answer. I have some business ideas in mind though.  

5. get married

"Ya Allah, dengan segala kasih sayangMu Engkau tautkanlah jodohku dengan Mohd Shafie bin Mohd Hassan diatas ikatan yang halal lagi Engkau redhai. permudahkanlah segala urusan kami Ya Allah."

"Hasbunallah wani'mal wakiil." honestly, I am so stress trying to settle my pre-marriage documents because of  ___________________

hmm..sometime life is so unfair!

6. buy a new laptop

I have been using the current laptop for blogging for almost 6 years already. I need a new one. anyone want to buy for me? HAHA!

7. to reunite with my real mother

the last time I heard about her was that she is in Bintulu, Sarawak. we have been separated since I was like, 4 5 years old.

8. meet and gather with fella bloggers

it is fun knowing all of you, my dear fella bloggers. I hope someday we can meet and organize a fun gathering event together.

majority of my readers are from Malaysia heee~ 

okay, as of now atu saja kali my wishlist. I hope you don't mind I write mostly in English. just want to practise to improve my second language. share with us what is your wishlist? maybe one or two. 

btw Alhamdulillah inda lagi ada masalah macam kelmarin. 


  1. Semoga Fae dapat semua hajat yang Fae idamkan... lebih-lebih lagi no 7 tu... InsyaAllah...

  2. aaminn aaminn aaminn yarabbal'alamin..Inshaa Allah fae^^

  3. aminnn..insyaAllah semua wish list tu tercapai =)

  4. semoga Fae dapat mencapai semua wishlist tu, ameeen. semoga Allah permudahkan. ada juga antara tu wishlist sy. no1-3-5-8

  5. terima kasih semua :) semoga hajat dan impian y'all pun akan tercapai juga Aamiin :)

    1. أمين يا رب العالمين

  6. May all your wish list come true Fae. InsyaAllah amin. =)


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