Sunday, 5 March 2017

valuable treasure: BFFs, can I live without them?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

do you ever feel that you cannot live without your friends, definitely yang close one lah. do you ever think that someday you and your BFFs have to go separate ways in life? do you ever and always thank Lord for sending you the best buddies you ever have?

why am I suddenly writing a not-so-Fae's-type of blog entry 😎 I suppose the reason is right now I am feeling scared and SAD that kawan-kawan rapat Fae akan tinggalkan Fae if they pass their job interview that they attended this morning and mungkin durang kana send to go for training in Malaysia for few months

I only have few close friends that stick around through ups and downs in my life. somehow, I also ever think that there will be one day that we have to go separate ways in life; that we have to be parted due to changes in life commitment. this realistic thinking brutally snaps me out of my dream. what dream? a dream of me and my BFFs will be forever together

well, Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for sending me good people in my life. thank you Amal, Lina Rifan, Simah, Amal (different person from the first aforementioned 😆), Ainaa for being around when I need help or at least a shoulder to cry on when I faced some #^%^@&* life dramas. 

I rule my life and I am the king

behind the shattered life hopes, I believe there's bright future ahead waiting for me

I don't ask for more. just enough if pray for me to get hitched soon with my future husband. it's a life logic; once you get married your focus will be more on your partner and kids. your gila-gila time with BFFs mungkin akan kurang. though you still can be stay connected through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram. LOL. 

motif entri: value the treasure name "friendship"


  1. Hi dear..
    Don't worry when your BFF is faraway from you,
    What matters more are the strong bond between you and ur friends,
    It makes the friendship last forever no matter what...
    Hope you have a nice day dear..

  2. Well the truth is bitter, hate to tell you this. Friends come and go. But the good thing is, you'll meet new friends. And setiap orang yang hadir dalam hidup kita, lain pembawakannya. Each of them has their own life lessons. One day, you'll know, and you'll appreciate your friends even more :)

  3. lagi baik punya kwn yg sedikit tetapi setia & x tikam blkg drpd ramai kwn tapi semuanya hipokrit. kan Fae 😉 sy rindu juga kwn2 zaman kolej, x sabar nak jumpa nanti 😁

    1. betul tu ^^ dulu fae suka bersosial dan having many friends. now Fae limitkan siapa yg blh jadi my kawan.


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