Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Fae wants vacation! anyone care to sponsor? LOL.

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Fae wants vacation! anyone care to sponsor? LOL. ll it is almost the end of March. talking about my life progress for the past three months? there aren't any achievements that I can proudly share with the world. so many undone urusan duniawi. hold on... I am writing this not to complain or mengadu about my life problems. so what is it all about then I am posting this up? 

yup, that's it! I need a long vacation!

so, anyone baik hati wants to sponsor my vacation expenses? HAHA! just like everyone else I also have dream places to travel to, if only I got zee thangg... wuz thangg? zee kachinggzzz, dude 👌👯 hipster slang, eh? LOL. and yeah, I really want to travel to these countries...

New Zealand.

Russia has been in my travel list for a very long time now. 

if you ask me to pick one country within SouthEast Asia region that I wish to travel to, I think I'd choose Malaysia. especially Semenanjung Malaysia. Miri, Sarawak tu jangan cakap lah, dah puas. ehehh.. kamek puas ke sitok dah. err luruskah cakap Sarawak Fae atu..

a pathetic dreamer like me only can keep on dreaming, not knowing when I can land my butt on Greece/Russia/Australia/NZ/Maldives/Dubai ground, like, for real. LOL. 

I envy those travel bloggers. lucky 'em get to travel anywhere, either by means of sponsorship or just self-funded trip..still, they are lucky..

but, it's okay. Fae ada plan satu project pasal my travelling dream ane. inda dapat jejakkan kaki ke sana for real pun inda apa... nantikan project Fae tu okay. LOL. k papai!


  1. Spasibo in Russia means 'timekaseh' ye mkcik., hehe2

  2. NZ is in my top bucketlist after Mekah. ❤❤❤

    1. mudahan sampai hajat akak pergi ke Mekah.. Aamiin..

  3. Insyaallah fae..nanti ada rezeki sponsor trip ke mana2..keep writing..hehe...

    1. Aamiin.. Aamiin.. Aamiin.. hahaha for sure I'd be more than excited kalo ada agency yg sudi sponsor ahahahah

  4. Akak pun nak juga kalau ada yang sudi sponsor.. Hihi

  5. Hahah semua mesti nak jika bab sponsor ekekek

  6. datang la semenanjung...banyak tempat menarik....

  7. kalu ada spnsor, nak join gak. ekekek

  8. kalau dapat sponser sapa xnk kan!! bestnya tu

  9. kalau lah aku dapat sponsor nak pi tempat-tempat yang fae listkan tu haizzzz...memang aku ndak tolak lah..hahaha..


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