Wednesday, 11 January 2017

intro panjang tapi no point at all. adoii~

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

just now sebelum Fae start typing lama Fae pikir apa bisai (bagus) Fae cerita for today's post. 

deciding whose profile I want to stalk on Instagram is much easier than deciding what topic I should write (every time) on my blog. 

i actually can talk about anything, just about anything.. be it ridiculously nonsense, something very personal and such. atu dulu..referring to the first 3 years Fae start ber-blogging. kalo y'all baca archive blog Fae yang taun sudah-sudah memang banyak entri rojak. 

but now Fae mau focus hasilkan entri yang less rojak. 

alright enough with the long intro..

on my previous post Fae cerita pasal Instagram. untuk entri kali ne pun related to Instagram also. well, siapa tau apa tu flatlay photography

I will talk more about it on the next entry. actually I need to go somewhere after this pasal atu inda dapat taip banyak. 

see ya in the entry, then!


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