Friday, 13 January 2017

flat lay photography

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

as promised dalam entri yang lapas Fae kan kurapak pasal flat lay photography. apa flat lay photography ne? flat ne rata. lay ne ampai (letak) nya urang Brunei. okay lame 🐩

flat lay photography ne involve taking (mostly) frame style picture dimana you kumpul various items and then you susun ikut your own creativity di atas flat surface like a marble table, and then you ambil gambar atu dari bird-eye view. see the image below. photo credit to my lovely friend Hamizah.

the use of props is minimal here..

 can also add bunga, rantai mutiara, beberapa piece ipin tudung yang lawa..

flat lays ne kebanyakannya ramai urang post arah Instagram and also blog. well, Fae inda pernah buat tapi Fae suka liat beautiful flat lays

the flat lay photography can be divided into several categories or themes; fashion photography, beauty photography, food photography, tech and gadgets photography. likewise, other random flat lay theme pun possible as long as susunan and pilihan flat lay props atu matching and inda distracting sangat. 

basically, in flat lay photography you gonna need these:

1) flat surface

it can be tile rumah you yang lawa atu; or your marble dining table; or your fluffy small rug, etc. even your stripe bedsheet can do the magic, too! the surface acts as the background for the flat lays.

2) flat lay props

you can pick any items in your room, or borrow your brother's stuff 💃💃💃💃and then you arrange them creatively on a flat surface. somehow, you definitely will need to add on or take out some items if the flat lay looks 'insufficient', or kinda messy. 

if you have a key object yang you mau show, so the choice of supporting props is important here. 

the props jangan lah yang luan big. inda muat karang untuk capture frame style photo. 

4) tools

macam camera atau phone. duh! common sense bah.

5) lighting

Fae geram bab lighting ne setiap kali ambil gambar. haha. sebab atu lapas ambil gambar you need to edit lagi pakai photo edit application yang sesuai.

6) patience

putting some effort, time, ideas untuk menghasilkan awesome flat lays memang memerlukan kesabaran. sampai ada yang terpaksa stand on a chair to get a perfect bird-eye view for the flat lay.

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