Thursday, 25 August 2016

i have told lies before

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

one post per day? not bad lah untuk blogger yang hangat-hangat tahi ayam macam Fae ane. haha. or at least 3 posts dalam seminggu. 

a random intro, eh?

okay lah, actually Fae mau kurapak pasal this one quote yang Fae baca di blog kak mia.

a lie may take care of the present. but it has no future.

A: "what do you think of my dress?"

B: "it's gorgeous!" (but actually you dislike it.)


A: are you mad at me?

B: no, i am mad at C. (actually you are mad at A, too.)

frankly speaking, i have told lies before merely because to avoid hurting other people's feeling, to avoid kana (kena) marah, to cover kesalahan diri sendiri as well as kesalahan urang lain. Fae also pernah lied just because i did not want to stir further resent feeling between two people (it ain't fun become 'middle' person a.k.a intermediator). 

the feeling after you tell lies is like, urghh, guilty mix relief. a temporary relief feeling. not good. not good. 

normally, Fae akan say sorry when the right time comes. contohnya masa hari raya and birthday seseorang. kwang kwang kwang. next raya is taun dapan so krik` krik~ krik~ buat bunyi cengkerik jap.

after membaca quote atu just now Fae keep reminding myself mau jaga percakapan lapas ane. i guess i am better off being quite from now onwards. LOL. fine, i like to bla bla bla and hahaha hehehe a lot. tapi bila overexcited becakap atu possible you ter-lie about something. because you exaggerate too much.  

simply say, lebih baik berdiam diri daripada becakap banyak yang inda berfaedah. lebih baik kana marah awal daripada you tell lies after you do something wrong. sakit memang sakit kana marah atu but yah~ 

and bila ingin tell the truth, see the situation first. for example, if your friend is meeting someone that you do not like, wait for the right time to have a slow and niceeeeee talk with your friend. kalo buleh karang skrip before you speak. haha. demi jaga hati kawan. 


  1. never tell lie...cause it has no future...betul...setuju....

    1. "bohong sunat" plak macam mana? hehehe

  2. manusia mana yg x pernah lakukan kesilapan.. kan..

  3. assalamualaikum akak.
    singgah dari kedah

  4. Tell the truth bila main truth or dare :p


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