Sunday, 3 July 2016


Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

few days left before we say bye-bye to Ramadhan 2016. Fae malas kan bla bla bla-ing about sambutan hari raya yang soon tiba ane. just want to remind anda semua supaya bersederhana menyambut hari raya. membazir tu amalan syaitan *poof*

*poof* a few days ago i did a kempen mengemas bilik. teliat (terpandang) Fae kan sekantung recycle bag berisi craft materials Fae. somehow, after a long break not making any crafts utak (otak) Fae pun bekarat dah. hilang segala creativity. hmm...

--------------------------------get carried away in a moment of deep thought--------------------------

ironically, with the salary amount i receive every month as a part-time tuition teacher it is not enough to support my needs and wants thus, doing side business is like a cool idea that i can think of right now. minat buat craft business tu ada cuma Fae m to the a to the l to the a to the s. sad life.

--------------------------------------------being stabbed by reality-------------------------------------------

yup, reality hurts me most of the time. i always wish for a better life, better future but what moves or efforts do i make in order to change that? 

simply say, WAKE UP FAE!