Saturday, 13 September 2014

the reason why i blog

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

time flies so fast huh.. when i look back into my life journey beberapa bulan yang lalu Fae rasa macam mau hit myself bcoz i've wasted lots of time doing things yang inda productive or the pitiest part is doing nothing. have to say that i am truly disappointed with myself. masa Fae blogwalking arah this one blog yang memang antara top bloggers di Malaysia, at one point i feel like seekor semut yang kena pihit uleh gajah. Fae always berangan lebih mau jadi like this blogger and that blogger. tapi apa hasil Fae dapat now? nothing. this, somehow, awaken me from my long sleep. i must have forgotten the main reason why i create this blog yang menyebabkan Fae lalai and sengaja membiarkan blog Fae lama inda be-update. 

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the reason why i blog ada 2. first, Fae mau jadi successful blogger (not in monetary term) like Ben Ashaari, Yuyu Zulaikha, Irine Nadia Marcello. just to mention a few. second, Fae mau jana duit melalui blogging. haha. Fae patut malu sebab Fae alum berjaya mencapai the two objectives. i have to admit it is hard to be a disciplined blogger walaupun sekadar part-time.

Fae inda lagi mau letak any overwhelming blogging goals after this selagi Fae inda jadi a disciplined blogger. Fae mesti ubah sikap Fae yang p to the e to the m to the a to the l to the a to the s ne. masih belum terlambat untuk berubah. i think i should paste on my room wall a note untuk mengingatkan diri Fae about the reason why i blog. you should, too. 

last but not least, YOU, yes you, my dearest readers, is also one of the reasons why i love blogging <3 


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