Monday, 20 January 2014

film review: Battle of the Year

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

my last entry was on the 17th. means sudah 2 hari Fae inda update blog. today' first entry is about a film review. last week i watched Battle of the Year. ya ya ya, i know cerita Battle of the Year dah lama kena tayangkan tahun lapas and i just watched it this year. it's not a big deal, anyway. hehe. 

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the first time i heard the movie title i thought Battle of the Year is a war, you know, action kind of movie. turn out that i was wrong. Battle of the Year mengisahkan pasal all the best teams in the world yang bertanding dalam satu pertandingan menari hip hop. in Battle of the Year arahan Benson Lee ne memfokuskan cerita pasal team from the US. the Americans haven't won in fifteen years and so, Dante (Laz Alonso) melantik Blake (Josh Holloway) to train a group of best dancers and bring back home the champion trophy. but do they really won the competition? 

towards the end of the movie, you will see the US team lawan menari ngan team dari Korea. based from the performances it is so obvious that you already can guess which team will become the champion of the Battle of the Yearbagi Fae storyline of Battle of the Year is just like another typical dance movie. nevertheless, i enjoy watching it. as for the rating Fae bagi 6/10. k papai!


  1. i haven't heard and haven't watch this dear....

  2. Is a happy monday dear!!!

  3. i almost forgot about this movie..dulu rasanya ade plan nak pegi tengok tapi tak jadi..langsung lupa sampai sekarang..hehehe



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