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business idea and alcoholic drink

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

my bestfriend, Rifan, is shortlisted untuk attend the YSE Singapore Workshop. but in order to be selected untuk join workshop atu the shortlisted participants kena prepare satu business proposal. they need to come up with a business idea yang buleh benefit the society. Rifan minta tolong to give her an idea. Fae dah sebulan lebih tinggalkan student life so kinda terkial-kial lah sikit mikir apa business idea yang bagus yang buleh benefit the society.

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first Rifan tanya apa saja examples of social problems? dari problem atu karang dicari apa solution-nya yang can benefit the society and also yang buleh menguntungkan business people. ngan otak yang sudah berkarat ane i only able to come up with these examples: zina, arak, drug, penderaan, unemployment, smoking.

from the examples given above, with the help from bestfriend Fae sorang lagi, Lina, kami pun memerah otak mikir apa business idea yang buleh overcome the social problem and in turn buleh benefit the society.

i come up with this idea: produce candy atau supplements untuk mengurangkan ketagihan alcoholic drinkers. kandungan dalam candy atau supplements atu contain omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A, B and C, zinc and magnesium. it is said that those kandungan buleh mengurangkan ketagihan alcoholic drinkers. Rifan pun agree with the idea.

and then kelmarin Rifan bagitau ea team up with one of her coursemates so the idea above Rifan inda jadi pakai because her coursemate sudah ada idea sendiri. nevertheless, Rifan appreciates usaha Fae and Lina memerah otak mikir pasal business idea. hehe.

additional info: other alternative treatments untuk mengurangkan ketagihan alkohol include acupuncture, hypnotherapy for addiction and exercise. most important is azam yang kuat to stop drinking and also sokongan dari orang-orang terdekat to overcome the drinking addiction.

reminder: arak and segala yang memabukkan is haram for muslim!

k papai!

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