Friday, 6 December 2013

my last day in ITB

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

in this entry Fae mau membebel pasal my last day in ITB. my last day as a student. time flies so fast. inda terasa Fae sudah finish HND. next step apa? degree? and then master? and then PhD? well, kita merancang tapi yang menentukan is Allah. entri ne can be classified as entri bangas/basi. LOL. sepatutnya Fae update last month, on the 23rd November to be exact. tapi due to WiFi problem and few other factors, menghilangkan mood blogging Fae.

alright, on the 23rd November was hari terakhir Fae sat for final semester exam. lepas habis exam, Fae spent time with my six lovelies dalam class. it was my last day in ITB so i wanted to spend the final moment together with my six lovelies. it was my last day as a student so i wanted to end it without regret feeling the moment i walked away from ITB.

me and my six lovelies.

from left to right:

Fizah, Aqil, Hayah, Erah, Fae, Aina, Mun.

i don't know when can i spend time with them again.

some ada yang mau sambung ambil degree next year.

some ada yang mau kaja dulu.


i want to work until i have enough saving to further study OR set up a business.

i like this pose!

from left to right:

Fizah, Hayah, Aqil, Mun, Erah, Aina, Fae.

i seldom put on my spectacle kalo begambar so now you get to see me pakai spectacle.

what we did on the last day in ITB?

ambil gambar banyak-banyak, layan YouTube (connect to  projector), karaoke.

thank goodness ada WhatsApp!

so, i can get in touch with them bila-bila masa.

p/s: the result for final semester exam belum ada. hopefully kami semua pass. Aamiin..

k papai!


  1. mesti lepas ni rindu dgn kawan-kawan..hehe

  2. best nyaa...akan menjadi sebuah kenangan yang paling manis nanti kan fie..

  3. Yeaaa...dah habis mesti sedihkan Fae...

  4. mesti akan rindu kawan2..cantik gambar no 2 tu

  5. beautiful friendship..hehe

    hi awak..hehe

  6. buat both pun boleh dear, study and business, buat dlm ms yang same tp kena pandai manage masa :)

  7. fae blog nmpk yummy np ni..ehehe geram..

  8. waa.. dh lain blog ni.. but glitters dy tetap ada :)
    it's up to you.. kalo mampu, buat dua2..
    kalo x mampu, buat salah satu :)

  9. pasti fae akan rindu saat dgn kawan2 kan

  10. wah.. kalau berminat pae sambung la study lagi..

  11. smoga semuanya pass.. amiin..


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