Wednesday, 11 December 2013

entri muhasabah

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

today Fae mau pulun online puas-puas because tomorrow after Asar Fae, my niece and our maid ikut mamit balik kampong. network signal sangatlah 'kuat' tahap rasa kan gigit WAP cable >.< entri kali ne a bit short. entri muhasabah je. yang baik kita ambil. yang buruk kita tinggalkan

i am thinking to do some cleaning in this blog. i definitely don't have enough time to finish all the cleaning in one day. will do it slowly. you might be wondering what kind of cleaning i want to do in this blog. well, check this out ;)

1. Fae mau delete old entries yang ada gambar Fae or friends or other people yang inda tutup aurat.

2. Fae mau delete nonsense entries yang entah apa-apa Fae repekkan like entri luahan perasaan. LOL.

3. Fae mau standardize-kan semua entri Fae dari first entry until now in terms of font type, panggilan diri etc. even entry copy&paste pun Fae cuba re-edit balik nanti.

dah beratus entri Fae buat so it might takes a week, the minimum, to finish all the cleaning. tujuan Fae clean up this blog is to ensure blog Fae err, you know, bersih from anasir-anasir nonsense. LOL! by the way Fae dah follow balik some blogs. sekian entri muhasabah untuk kali ane and papai!


  1. thumbs up fae..kalau untuk kebaikkan y not kan?

  2. happy blogging..okay fae.selamat membersihkan blog :)

  3. whoa, hijrah yang baik fae :D good luckk !

  4. bestnya Fae balik kampung.. yehuu :)

  5. ok part gambar tak menutup aurat tu akak setuju. tapi entry yg merepek tu, biarlah remain as memory. from there we can compare how we are past and future.

    then we will try to build the better and best for tomorrow...
    History is not to be remove but to be remembered. be strong ok.

  6. datang blogwalking fae, slamat membersihkan blog..:)

  7. yela.. kdg2 entry2 mcm luahan perasaan nie tak sedap kita nk bc.. tp why not just remain as memory jer.. lgpun mmg blog cm tu kan...

  8. banyak nk kena buat tu.. good luck..

  9. gud .luck and take ur time dear fae..


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