Tuesday, 19 November 2013

yang selalu terjadi lepas jawap soalan peperiksaan

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah 1 down, 2 more to go. apa yang 1 apa yang 2 ne? well, yesterday the final semester exam bermula. the first paper that i sat was International Trade and Finance. two more papers left, Business and Information System and also Public Sector Management. untuk entri kali ne Fae mau share apa yang selalu terjadi lepas jawap soalan peperiksaan.

inspiration. motivation.

1) lecturer/teacher, "okay, time's up!" .....  students walk out of the exam hall after their paper has been collected  .....  student A, "how is the paper?" student B, "it is difficult!" student C, "i find it slightly easier than the class test."  .....  and the buzz goes on sampai lah penat mulut dorang bercakap pasal the exam paper that they sit during that day.

2) student A is checking balik notes, textbook  ..... student A, "oh no, my answer tadi is wrong. in this notes it says bla bla bla.."  .....  student B then does the same thing  .....  student C take a selfie picture and upload it on Instagram.

3) student A asks student B, "what did you answer for this and that question just now?"  .....  student A asks the same question to some other students  .....  student Z feels irritated, "geez, can you please just stop asking the question? we should focus on next paper now."

4) student A, "i predict my marks will be so and so."  .....  student B, "aku pasrah saja.."  .....  student C, "i need to go somewhere. tension much!"  .....  student Z, "the paper is over now. can we stop talking about it, please?" 

5) student L is checking his Facebook  .....  he smirks seeing the statuses on his news feed are mostly pasal ke-tension-an and ke-relief-an students lepas jawap exam paper  .....  student L update his Facebook status 'chill guys. it is not the end of the world yet.'

6) student F, "aku belum habis jawap soalan terakhir. masa 3 jam inda cukup. and my handwriting is huwaa.."

p/s: the situation 6 is so me :p

law of studentology: book continues to be in state of rest or covered with dust or soil, unless exams are appeared.

all the images above i cilok dari papa Google. k papai!


  1. doa ajelah, kalau dah buat yg terbaik kan !

  2. Hahaha! Memang selalu macam ni lah tiap kali baru lepas satu2 paper exam.. Studentology.. I loike that phrase.. Anyway, all the best for the upcoming 2 papers Fae! ^_^

  3. Pemenang dah diumumkan!

  4. wow Quote Bill Gates tu memang sgt2 inspiring la Fae. Akak doakan Fae dapat result yang gempak nanti ^__^

  5. menarik deqla baca quote tu.... hihi... setuju jugak tu....

  6. Tawakalah aje bila dah habis exam...semoga paper yg lain buat yg terbaik.

  7. aefa student Z~ hihi.. habis exam no more exam related talking. selalunya terus pergi makan.. :D gud luck fae ~

  8. basalah tu,kejadian berlaku dimana2..lumrah bila selesai jawab exam.huhu

  9. Ha..ha..Pasrah Fae...Love exam time..

  10. pasah jer lah.. yg penting dah all out.. kan..


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