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online revision #1

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

well, you may skip reading this entry because apa yang Fae taip is merely pasal revision. the second paper untuk final semester exam is tomorrow. Fae target by 9:00 pm tonight Fae sudah habis cover semua chapters untuk paper Business and Information System. ada 3 chapters saja that our lecturer suruh revise untuk case studies. Fae yakin Fae banyak lalai karang. so, i then come up with an idea. sambil blogging Fae buat revision. how Fae buat? 

well, apa yang Fae revise Fae will taip all the main points dalam entri ne instead of writing down the points on a paper. Fae malas menulis tapi Fae rajin menaip. warn you, this entry maybe membosankan y'all

electronic commerce

conduct business activities electronically over computer networks. application of e-commerce? to overcome these problems:

  • slow paper-based processes
  • time-consuming
  • inconvenient for customers

various forms f e-commerce includes B2B, B2C, C2C, e-Government (G2C, G2B, G2G), m-commerce.

mobile commerce 

the use of wireless devices such as cell phones and smartphones to facilitate the sale of goods or services - anytime, anywhere.

e-commerce and m-commerce applications

  • retail and wholesale
  • manufacturing
  • marketing and advertising
  • price comparison
  • couponing
  • investment and finance
  • banking and e-boutiques


what is market segmentation?

advantages of e-commerce and m-commerce

  • provides global reach
  • reduce costs
  • speeds flow of goods and information
  • increased accuracy
  • improves customer service
e-commerce and m-commerce technology infrastructure

value-added network
virtual-private network
high speed connection to network
e-commerce software
server software
server operating system
web server hardware


web server hardware platform complete with the appropriate software. host own web site or let someone else do it.

web server software?

to perform fundamental services (security and identification, retrieval and sending of web pages, web site tracking, web site development, web page development).

e-commerce software?

to support five core tasks:

1. catalog management to create and update the product catalog.

2. product configuration to help customers select the necessary components and options.

3. shopping cart facilities to track the items selected for purchase.

4.  e-commerce transaction processing.

5. web traffic data analysis to provide details to adjust the operations of the web site.

m-commerce hardware and software

  • for m-commerce to work effectively, the interface between the wireless, handheld device and its user must improve. 
  • encryption can provide secure transmission. 
  • Wireless Application Protocol (WAP): standard set of specifications for Internet applications that run on handheld, wireless devices.

electronic payment system

Digital Certificate
attachment to an e-mail message or data embedded in a web site that verifies the identity of a sender or web site.

Certificate Authority (CA)
trusted third-party organization or company that issues digital certificates.

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
used to secure sensitive data.

electronic cash
an amount of money that is computerized, stored, and used as cash for e-commerce transactions.

payment method

1. credit card

carries present sending limit based on the user's credit history.

advantage: each month the user can pay all or part of the amount owed.

disadvantage: unpaid balance accumulates interest charges - often at a high interest rate.

2.  charge card

similar to credit card but carries no preset sending limit.

advantages: does not involves line of credit. no accumulate interest charges.

disadvantage: entire amount charged is due at the end of billing period.

3. debit card

similar to credit card or ATM card. 

advantage: operates like cash or a personal check.

disadvantage: money is immediately deducted from user;'s  account balance.

4. smart card

a credit card device with embedded microchip capable of storing facts about cardholder. 

advantage: better protected than conventional cards because the smart-card information is encrypted. 

disadvantage: not widely use in the U.S.

5. p-card

credit card used to streamline the traditional  purchase order and invoice payment processes.

6. payment using cell phones

available options (payment linked to your bank account or payment added to your phone bill).

okay, i am done with one chapter. need to finish cover 2 more chapters by 9:00 pm tonight. all the images i cilok from papa Google. k papai!

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