Tuesday, 19 November 2013

online revision #3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

well, you may skip reading this entry because apa yang Fae taip is merely pasal revision. apa yang Fae revise Fae will taip all the main points dalam entri ne instead of writing down the points on a paper. Fae malas menulis tapi Fae rajin menaipwarn youthis entry maybe membosankan y'all.

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transaction processing and ERP system

TPS - capture and process detailed data necessary to update records about fundamental business operations.

traditional TPS - batch processing system and online transaction processing

TPS cycle

data collection

capture and gather all data necessary to complete the processing of transactions.
data collection can be manual or automated via special input devices.
data should be collected at source.
data should be recorded accurately.

data editing

checking data for validity and completeness to detect any problems.

data correction

reentering data that was not typed or scanned properly.

data manipulation

  • classifying data
  • sorting data into categories
  • performing calculation
  • summarizing results
  • storing data in the organization's database  for further processing
data storage

update databases with new transactions.

document production and reports

produce records, documents, reports.

enterprise resource planning (ERP)

employ a database of key operational and planning data that can be shared by all (production and supply chain management, customer relationship management and sales ordering, and financial and managerial accounting).

advantages of ERP

  • improve access to data for operational decision making
  • elimination of costly, inflexible legacy system
  • improve work process
  • upgrade technology infrastructure

disadvantages of ERP

  • expense and time cost
  • difficulty to implement change
  • difficulty to integrate with other systems
  • difficulty in loading data into new ERP system
  • the risk in using one vendor
  • implementation failure

Alhamdulillah, Fae sudah habis revise all the 3 chapters (under module  Business and Information System). all the images above i cilok dari papa Google. k papai!


  1. Ni fae mengulang kaji ke ni?knapa sya x phm apa pun..nmpk sgt dah lama x blaja ni..huhu

    1. hahaha yup yup fae tgh mengulangkaji tadi tu. via blogging.

  2. owh apakah ini?? coding cumputer ke?
    malas menulis tapi suka menaip ya?? he.he

    1. hahaha nope. fae pun x tau camne nak explain. toink.

      ne kira online revision fae hehe x kisah kalo xde orang nak bace hehe

      kaku jari pegang pen. lalala~

  3. alamakk... pening baca.. haha... ;p

  4. fae ulang kaji,sbb fae taip entry pening nk fhm..tb skali stdy ni hehhe

    1. hahaha fae plak terpaksa baca balik2 supaya faham.

  5. semangat stdy ni.. hehe :) all the best ye :)

  6. Fae.. ni fundamental business course yer? kalau tak salah lah ,bertahun dah ningglakan nota dan revision.. ape pun slmt berstudy lah yer fae..

    1. course fae business management and subjek yang fae taip dalam entri ne is one of the modules under my course :D tenkiu ^^


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