Thursday, 21 November 2013

let's go to Moldova!

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

one of my favorite things to do in this blog is to check dari negara mana my blog readers are mostly coming from. clicking on 'stats' button is a must thing to do when i open my blog. hehe. Fae tertarik seeing that blog Fae ada terima kunjungan dari pembaca bangsa Moldova. berfikir Fae sejenak. do i ever heard of Moldova before? rasa ingin tahu about this country brings me to type 'Moldova' on Google search engine.

in summary, Moldova:
  • diapit oleh Romania and Ukraine
  • Chisinau is the capital
  • gain independence from USSR in 1991 (tahun Fae lahir)
  • Moldova currency is MDL 
  • languages spoken the most: Moldovan, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Gagauz
  • main religions: christianity and judaism
  • said to be one of the poorest nations in Europe
  • export foodstuffs, textiles, machinery


built to defend against Trimean Tatars.

actually, i have a hard time searching about the history of Soroca Castle on the internet because there seems lack of reliable sources.

the Moldovan open-air museum where it locates many cave monasteries.

people like me yang suka liat natural green landscapes, this kind of place is a must place to visit.

one of the Moldovan popular food.

originally, the Moldovan would put rice, meal and spices on cabbage leaf or grape and then roll them all together.

with this i end our journey to Moldova with "la revedere. multumesc!"

a.k.a goodbye. thank you!


  1. Rajin fae mengoogle ni..hehe..baru dgr maldova ni..slmt mlm fae :)

  2. nice info... nak pergi je rasenye :)

  3. oo.. ingat ada kena mengena dgn paplova tadi.. hihi..

  4. bestnya, lyeen pula teringin nak pergi paris..:) tetiba nk naik eifell ahaha

  5. jom g same2 hehe tapii.. ni dah habis exam ke belum ni? hha

  6. Wah best jugak research2 ne..banyak info yang kita tak tahu jadi tahu kan...
    1st tyme cik tahu pasal moldova ne..

  7. tak pernah baca sejarah pasal Moldova ni

  8. tak tau pun wujudnya maldova ni.

  9. jom la kite g sesama fae.. haha..

  10. cm mknan korea pulak... sayur balut2 cm tu..


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