Thursday, 10 October 2013

Kampong Ayer

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

ulala~ blog Fae dah jadi macam sarang spider +.+ jumlah traffic jangan cakap la. memang drop habis. there are many things that i wanna share. but it depends on my rajin-ness. in this first entry of my 'comeback' Fae mau story pasal Kampong Ayer

born in Brunei and live in the Sultanate for 21 years 9 months plus (yes, you can guess my age correctly) baru bulan lepas Fae tau that in Kampong Ayer ada 'restaurant'. Fae pikir di Kampong Ayer only ada rumah-rumah, sekolah and surau. well, not really a restaurant, though. it is a house where di beranda rumah tu disediakan tempat makan. ala-ala warung gitu. kawan yang introduced the place. kalo musim poket kering buleh lah pegi tempat macam ne. hehe.

on the way to the warung you can see the menu poster.

i named the place 'warung Sungai Besar' because it is located at Sungai Besar, Kampong Ayer.

i forgot the exact direction to go to the place -.-'

there are about 9 to 10 tables.

a relaxing place to eat.

liat boat melintas.

enjoy the calmness of the sea.

Kampong Ayer yang airnya nda jernih.

seeing the rubbish yang dibuang ke dalam air is an eyesore.

sometimes, i am a bit sceptical kalo makan tempat open air macam ne especially tahap kebersihannya.

admiring the view.

yang bestnya makan di warung Sungai Besar ne is you get a free drink.

bukan air kosong.

but oren.


harga makanannya pun murah.

you might don't find any spectacular about this cage own by the owner of 'warung Sungai Besar'.

not until you hear a voice bagi salam when you melintas.


me: huh? *tercari-cari arah suara yang membagi salam*

rupanya burung tiung ne yang bagi salam.

so, to my readers that want to come to Brunei, Kampong Ayer is a must place to visit.

kalo letih berjalan meneroka the beauty of Kampong Ayer buleh singgah di 'warung Sungai Besar'.

p/s: sila Google if you wanna know more about Kampong Ayer

k papai!


  1. wah, hehe. lama tak update ya fae :D

    1. hehe yea syuk busy ngan assignments and stuff huhu.

  2. best lah restoren ni. kak suka sgt suasana mcm ni ^_^

    1. fae memilih sikit kalo tempat makan open air camne hehe.

  3. Welcome back dear..I know you are a very buzy person at the moment...nway good to see your new entry...macam best ajekan restaurant kat atas air..sure windy cool..

    1. thanks kak ^^ fae rindu blogging. yah windy and panas at the same time haha.

  4. suasana cm nie pernah fiza rs ms g langkawi.. mmg best.. ader ikan sangkar tak?

    1. langkawi is in my places-to-visit list hehe mudahan kesampaian.. err fae tak tau fiza hahaha..

  5. nyaman ka makanan di sana?? must try ni..


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