Friday, 13 September 2013

my lunch for today

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah. wish you a great Friday ahead. sudah lunch? Fae belum, i mean the real lunch. you might as well be thinking, "got fake lunch meh?" LOL. alkisahnya macam ne.

my niece: kaka, Nisha pandai masak.

she was playing with her kitchen kit toy.

me: good.

Nisha: kaka makan ah, baca Bismillah dulu.

she brought that tiny tray (the size of my palm) to my study desk.

me: thank you, Nisha.

you might be a lil confuse.

Nisha is my niece but she calls me 'sister'.

read this entry then if you wanna know why.

i will eat my real lunch later :p

sorry coz Fae belum reply semua comments in some previous entries.

but Fae do 'blogwalk' to your blogs :)

k papai!


  1. imaginasi kanak2 yang bagus, bila besar boleh jadi chef

  2. cute one..fae..have a great lunch done..

  3. akak pun dah lunch..tiba-tiba nak jadi kanak2 jap lah...seronok


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