Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Brunei Job Fair 2013

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

yesterday Fae and Fizah went to BRIDEX, Jerudong where the Job Fair is being held. the event started yesterday until this Thursday, 12th of September. Fae kan currently in final semester and about 2 months lagi kan habis belajar, so i was thinking why not i look for vacancies available in private companies especially those based in Belait district. and yes, i am more interested to work under private sector than the government sector although the benefits and privileges are more 'awesome' offered by the latter.

every year Brunei buat Job Fair :)

Fae was quite disappointed because nda banyak private companies from Belait yang participate.

Brunei Shell Petroleum nada, Brunei Methanol Company nada, Halliburton nada, Petrokon nada.

the reason being is..

Jobs on offer are in financial, banking, insurance and ICT industries in which up to 234 jobs will be up for grabs for those with various qualifications, from high to no qualifications.
source: Borneo Bulletin

and yang Fae cari ne companies yang under oil-and-gas industry.


Fae nda mau kerja di bank.

and yes, Fae is being picky sikit.

Fae habis belajar awal bulan December 2013 ne and on January 2014 Fae mau start kerja sudah.

Fae mau cuti puas-puas during December month.

and yes, i must ambil driving licence!

k papai!


  1. bestnyer klu dpt keje kat saner

  2. gud luck fae,. hope dapat lah kerja

  3. fae suka oil n gas ye..hope fae dapat keje dalam bidang tu nnt ya

  4. nk kje kne ikut minat jugak.. smoga cita2 pae tercapai yer..

  5. alohai dik, semua tu bidang akak yang dorang offer. kalau la akak kat sana rembat je kerja tu. hahahaha,.... kat sini pulak klau offer kerja asyik factory line jerk.

  6. wah dah ready nak kerja ya..nway good luck ya..


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