Wednesday, 7 August 2013

film review: Turbo

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

hehe another new entry about a film  review. last Sunday my love belanja liat movie Turbo di The Mall Cineplex. thanks, love! ^^ kawan-kawan said cerita Turbo syok. after watching it, memang syok pun ^^ psstt, next movie date is Cloudy 2 please? :p jiwa kartun tah banar. haha. 

p/s: kalo sudi please klik link ne ^^ terima kasih! duit raya Fae :p

image i cilok dari Prof. Google.

synopsis: (credit to fandango)

a misfit snail, Theo (Rey Reynolds), always dream that ea boleh bergerak pantas ala track racer. 

his idol is Guy Gagne (Bill Hader), juara bertahan Indy 500.

Theo's fellow snails selalu make fun of his dream.

until one day Theo is accidentally sucked into the intake valve of a racing car.

the nitrous oxide dalam valve atu menyerap dalam badan Theo giving him a new ability which is speeding!

as what he always dreamt.

in the midst of mastering his newfound ability, Theo and his brother Chet (Paul Giamatti) are captured by Tito (Michael Pena).

durang dibawa ke Starlight Plaza.

why Tito captured them?

apa yang kurang di Starlight Plaza sehinggakan Tito berniat mau gunakan Theo's ability untuk kepentingan peniaga-peniaga di Starlight Plaza?

the awaiting part is bila Theo (he changed his name to Turbo eventually) ambil bahagian dalam perlumbaan Indy 500.

a snail is racing against big guys and big cars?


can Turbo make it to the finish line?

can Turbo proves to the world that he is not just an ordinary snail?

nda rugi liat cerita Turbo.

it teaches you about pentingnya family, never give up to achieve your dream, never back down bila ramai laugh at you, be a risk taker.

and of course, Turbo also diselangi banyak part lawak :D

you will enjoy the movie ^^

i give the rating for Turbo 8/10/. 

k papai!


  1. Fae,macam best movie ni.Samelah kita, jiwa kartun.Hehehe..

    1. memang best hehe. forever jiwa kartun ne tau :p


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