Thursday, 4 July 2013

ustazah nda menjadi says ...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah i got the chance to buka my blog today pakai laptop *menangis happy* dah berapa hari i didn't update my blog coz (as usual) laptop problem. pageview pun menurun. have to start from scratch again. 

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a recent picture of me.

i love the white jubah.

ada ciri2 ustazah eh?


this reminds me of mom and dad.

they really wanted me to jadi ustazah.

but i am so sorry mom, dad.

being a businesswoman is my cita2 dari primary 6.

it is not because i am mata duitan.


to me this profession is risky yet challengingly fun.

puas hati bah kalo meliat hasil meletup from usaha keras diri sendiri kan kan?

mom, dad.

i will prove to you that i can succeed dalam field yang ku minat; business.

jadi ustazah tu ermm aku nda layak.

k papai.


  1. Selalunya parents want us to be what they believe the best for us..tapi tulah kan..kita ada cita-cita sendiri pastikan one day fae jadi businesswomen yang muslimah k..nway fae nak business apa

    1. yah true. tu lah yang fae nak buat, prove. hehe. banyakk business fae nak buat hehe. shhh.


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