Tuesday, 23 July 2013

film review: The Croods

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

hey! in this entry ku mau review film The Croods. i watched The Croods last three days with my love. it was the 7th time he watched The Croods. i was like "best ke The Croods sampai Ajimm liat balik-balik?" so bila Ajimm pasang The Croods arah laptopnya, aku pun concentrate meliat. 

p/s: tolong klik kalo sudi. thank you :) 

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The Croods mengisahkan about a cavemen family's lifetime trip to the new world. sebelum ne The Croods' life terperap dalam cave saja except bila hunt for food. 

the lifetime journey of The Croods bermula bila cave tempat durang tinggal is destroyed. Grug (Nicolas cage) bawa his family mencari cave baru. Eep's (Emma Stone) new friend, Guy (Ryan Reynolds), pun ikut sama. semua family members Eep suka Guy except Grug. macam-macam new things Guy teaches/introduces to the family. but Grug cannot accept the new change. to him, the word 'new' is something that he is dreaded of. 

The Croods travel across a spectacular landscape that give them incredible experiences. can Guy proves to Grug that perubahan yang ea bawa boleh membuat hidup The Croods jadi lebih baik? can Eep successfully persuades his father to adopt to the new change? 

in this whole movie, you all akan dihidangkan ngan lawak-lawak The Croods :D one of the scenes yang cracked me up is when i realize the tiger is not a tiger actually but a ---  you better watch the movie lah :p The Croods pun tau photography bah :p the 'camera' feature looks hilarious! i give the rating for The Croods 9/10 :D jom tengok The Croods. you will enjoy it!

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k papai!


  1. ha...nak cari cerita nie la tuari tapi tak ea...

  2. Salam org Brunei!
    Salam Kenal, akak folo Fae
    terima kasih sudi singgah blog akak..
    nnt singgah lagi yea..

    Fae, akak suke tgk cite katon, kalo cite kat cinema mmg tak dpt la nak gi, sebab ade twin, tapi kalo CD rajin beli.. suke katon... cam budak2 kan.. hehehe...ok! jumpe lagi Salam dari Malaysia...

    1. salam kenal, too ^^ welcome ;)

      bila twins dah besar nanti bawalah they'all tgk movie di cinema hihi. fae pun suka tgk cartoon movies ^^

  3. dah lamer fiza x th..mmg cm best..

    1. The Croods lama dah release tapi fae baru tgk hihi.

  4. citer ni mmg best..duk tgk ulang2..hee

  5. Sounds good to find time to watch one..

  6. ' best ceta nya fae!!! I love it!!! mnitis air mata psal I thought bapanya kn mati ' T.T

    1. i love it, too! hihi. i can predict the ending so yah ~

  7. cm bestttttttttttt jerrrrrrrr


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