Tuesday, 16 July 2013

choose Glade over other brands?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah selesai blogwalking. yeah 12 days left before new semester starts! i miss campus life already.

okay. i this entry i wanna talk about Glade. Glade ne is a brand under SC Johnson. the family company started its operation way back in 1886. lama tu. Glade line of products include candles, spray for soft surfaces and fabrics, fresh fragrance for room, scented oils and gels.

the company is well-known all over the world and still privately owned by the Johnson family. i am not sure sudah masuk generasi keberapa yang menjalankan family business ne.

i can say that my uncle's family (i am staying with them) is a loyal user of Glade. aku pun baru suka pakai Glade product macam dalam gambar di bawah. 

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Glade room spray.

i haven't use it.

gonna bring it to my hostel nanti.

the top reason i bought it because it is green.

adoi haha.

but the spray scent is nice, though.

since aku suka pakai barang Glade dah so i might just stick to the brand ^^

i like the scent of the green and orange one :D

under SC Johnson there are many brands.

home cleaning: Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles, Mr. Muscle, Duck, Windex, Shout, Fantastik, Drano

air care: Glade

pest control: Raid, OFF!, Baygon, Autan, ALLOUT

home storage: Ziploc, Saran

auto care: Grand Prix

k papai!


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