Friday, 12 July 2013

belated and advance surprise ^^

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah selesai blogwalking. alright. without buang masa mari masuk ke main content. LOL. 

this afternoon, Lina and me planned kan surprise-kan Rifan and then Amal. surprise Rifan sempena belated birthday-nya 09/06. surprise Amal sempena advance birthday-nya 13/07. buleh dikatakan menjadi lah surprise kami ^^ actually we planned this surprise lama sudah :D kami ambush rumah Rifan first and then Amal. 

p/s: kalo you all baik hati tolong click link ne ^^ and bagi link iklan you all too di comment box below ^^

48 pieces of mini cupcakes with 3 different flavors.

yang without letter tu me and Lina ambil :D

"congrats Rifan getting older :p bah, since ane masih puasa time don't ngap the cupcakes dulu. nway, HB Rifan. love you. xoxo Datin Fae"

hahaha i LOVE to annoy Rifan :p

masa kami datang ke rumah Rifan she was sleeping.

but awaken by the slight noise we made :p

"Amalllll waaa tua sudah Amal :p HB sweetie. enjoy your big day tomorrow. p/s: Fae lapar. xoxo Fae"

about 1 hour plus tarikh will bertukar 13/07. 

it is Amal's birthday!

p/s: i love GOOD surprises :D who doesn't?

k papai!


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