Monday, 24 June 2013

KFC : Bola Kampong toy and dinner date at KFC ^^

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

siapa suka makan di KFC angkat tangan :D me? *put tangan di belakang* LOL. i am not a fan of fast food restaurant anyway. 

okay, last few weeks aku and my two besties, Lina and Rifan, sarapan di KFC. Rifan's treat. Lina ordered Chicky Mini Combo A and got a free toy. 

ne nah free toy yang Lina dapat.

and she gave it to me.

Bola Kampong toy.

goal multiplier.

i don't know macam mana to play this toy so i simpan it somewhere which i forgot already di mana :p

kids' meal sudah ada tema toy baru, Superman (p/s: KFC Brunei)

and last night, 23rd of June, me and my love went to KFC to have our dinner there. initially, i suggested Rock Garden Cafe. but when he asked if i wanna meet my KFC colleagues, terus i agreed to makan di KFC instead. moreover, aku andang rindukan kawan2 di KFC yang crazy mazy :p rindu suasana kerja yang sekejap stress sekejap happening. sebulan saja ku kerja tapi i have learnt a lot.

i ordered Spicy Korean Burger Combo for my boyfriend and untuk aku just cheezy wedges and a milo.

so to speak, the spicy korean flavor is killer :D 

sweet and spicy ^^

however, it's good to have original spicy version back :D

i love cheese so much ^^ 

yet i dislike its smell :p

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k papai!

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