Monday, 24 June 2013

it is the thought that matters ^^

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

i supposed to post this entry on June 17th. tapi uleh sebab masa tu aku masih busy kaja so tepaksa postpone la. 

okay, June 17th marks sebulan sudah hubungan me and him. kami nda celebrate coz i was working night shift masa tu and ea pun kerja also. aku only greeted him arah WeChat.                                                                                      

balik from work, ea yang jemput.

bila sampai di rumah, he gave me this :)

at first, i thought the notebook atu purse bah hehe.

and arah the notebook cover he wrote this ^^

sadly, i don't have anything to give him as a gift for exchange.

coz belum payday and aku still pokai huwaaa :(

he doesn't mind, anyway.

it is the thought that matters.

well, bila sudah payday this 29th i am planning to buy him something.

do you have any best gift idea for boyfriend?

k papai!

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