Friday, 28 June 2013

hey there, July talk

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

tik tok tik tok 2 more days left before masuk bulan July :) apa special-nya bulan July? 

do i have to list them out here? guess i should :D 
one of my besties bossday on July 13th. next on July 17th is censored LOL. and then on 26th of July giliran si love bossday. and pastu got 2 combo censored again LOL. apa yang censored tu? secret! :D and on July 29th semester baru pun start :D final semester. FANTASTIC! :D banyaklah kau punya special :p

and another thing special about July is Ramadhan tiba ^^ Alhamdulillah. 

semester break tinggal a month lagi kan habis, so untuk bulan July ne ku mau enjoy puas2 and do more productive activities. oh yeah, semangat gitu. LOL. aaa that's it for my July talk :p

please ignore the Mickey Mouse mattress.

pic was taken yesterday morning before i went to ITB campus.

me, Ain, Niza, Najibah and Ah Tong ada group discussion pasal final year project kami.

we went down to 20 business ideas and sudah vote for top 5 ideas untuk di-present to our project head coordinator this July 1st.

dari campus we went to Restoran Kaka to have our lunch there.

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k papai!

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