Monday, 24 June 2013

film review: Hangover 3

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

yesterday, June 23rd, me and boyfriend had movie marathon. we watched 3 movies the whole yesterday afternoon. but aku only liat Hangover 3 and Mars Needs Moms. the 3rd movie nda coz brain ku too tired dah haha. 

Hangover 3 ne kira the closing lah of the Hangover trilogy. 

the synopsis: 

a group of 4 men (Stu, Doug, Alan, Phil) is confronted by a gangster mob when they are on their way to Arizona. 

the mob leader, Marshall, is mad coz the men so-called 'friend', Chow, hijacked his million dollars of gold heist and learnt that Alan pernah be-contact with Chow during his imprisonment. therefore, Marshall kidnapped Doug and asked Alan with his two friends left to find Chow and retrieve the gold. their deadline is 3 days. so their journey pun bermula :D

if they gagal bawa Chow to the gangster, Doug will be killed. 

berjaya or not they retrieve the gold? apa nasib Doug? and siapa the lucky woman yang buat Alan jatuh cinta? watch it yourself ^^

i laughed at the opening. ada lawak zirafah :p apa lawaknya? tengoklah sendiri :p

well, overall i give the rating 8/9 for the movie. honestly, there was not much excitement on ACTION part, though. coz nda banyak action huhu. yet i enjoyed the movie.

k papai!

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