Tuesday, 14 May 2013

so...are you saying that aku mental? o.O

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

baru2 ne keluar article about the tendency to take pictures of FOOD ne is a sign of MENTAL ILLNESS. and... i was like "do i have to bother what the article is saying??" 

to read more, please click here..


chocolate chip cheese creze ^^

kinda tongue twister when reading it out :p

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kailan chicken with rice ^^

kailan is one of my favorite veg :)

k papai!

btw the two food pictures aku ambil after the release of statement on media regarding the, you know mental illness thingy bla bla bla...

so...are you saying that aku mental?


  1. ahahahahahaha urg yg nulis tue mental xD Adake kita pula d ucap mentel..ok sja xD

    1. hahahaha jealous kali ea pasal tane eat food food yang nyaman nyaman ...


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