Wednesday, 8 May 2013

movie + karaoke time! shall we?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah dah dinner :) alright. hutang blogwalking ku dah ku bayar. LOL. now, it's time to post new entries. 

okie dokie. yesterday was my last day of exam. so i celebrated my freedom with two of my besties, Rifan and Lina. Amal jauh di KB. 

i was thinking to karaoke only. but Rifan and Lina had something 'horrific' in their mind already :l LOL. okay, they actually wanted to watch Thai horror movie, Long Weekend +.+

i am so scared of ghosts. feeling so hopeless (that they would listen to me), i reluctantly joined them watching the movie. we went to The Mall, Gadong. i didn't really watch it, though. aku banyak tutup telinga, tutup mata and tunduk saja :p $4 that i spent on the movie ticket was worth it, literally :p

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i love to sit at the back especially the middle seat ;)

Lina and me ;)

Rifan and me ;)

we miss you, Amal!

after liat movie, kami karaoke ;)

jiwang banar ku masa nyanyi lagu Spring - Pesanan Buat Kekasih :p

opening song: Rumors by Lindsay Lohan

closing song: Salam Terakhir by Amy Search

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k papai!

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