Tuesday, 14 May 2013

klik! sana, klik! sini.. sodahh~

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

hey! i miss ya, my dearest silent readers :p without wasting any time, lemme brief ya what i had been up to for the last 3 days aku 'sunyi' from blog. if ada yang sudi baca la :( 

Saturday: spent the whole day with a cousin of mine and our two good buddies. we went shopping, bla bla bla. bila sampai rumah, gaa so damn exhausted. and it was my last day spending time with my cousin before she went to Singapore on the following day. ea ada kursus di sana. miss her gila2 attitude.

sunny Saturday...

i was waiting for my cousin dalam car.

sh got urusan to do di college-nya.

didn't expect it would take sooooo long.

i almost fell asleep.

felt bored.

so what i did was~

klik! sana, klik! sini :p

main focus: me :p


dear people, doakan perempuan ne to be a good muslimah~

thanks :D

12 selca pics altogether :p

and semua sama expression muka ku :p

Sunday: went to Miri Airport to send my cousin. after that kami lawat rumah saudara di err Niah? (forgot the village name) and then kami ke Imperial, Perma Jaya, and eMart was the last destination. bila sampai Brunei, it was Maghrib already.

Monday: cuci 3 cars, blogwalking, fought with Nisha, chatting with him *malu2 kambing* and besties on WeChat ^^

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k papai!

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