Tuesday, 7 May 2013

it is time to celebrate our freedom with... ;)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

weehee Alhamdulillah! end-of-semester exam habis sudah!! *frog jump* LOL. 

so we celebrate our freedom ngan~~~

klik! klik! klik! taking pictures la as kenangan. LOL. i only post some saja. so...enjoy!

a friend of mine brought his guitar to campus.

instead of revising for Ugama exam tadi petang, ku minta kawan taught me how to play guitar :p

strumming and plucking.

A major.

aaa what else? *garu2 bulu-less chin*

what some of my friends did before Ugama exam :p

they played err Teiken game?

correct kah the spelling.

lack of rest, stress factor are the penyumbang utama jerawat on my face banyak tumbuh -.-

lovelies <3

we were waiting for a photoshoot untuk the whole intake 27, HND business program.

snap! snap! snap!

Aqil, Mun and Hayah...

colgate models :p

happy generation ;)

we rock!!

love us as we are ;)

gwiyomi peace :3

pffttt finger siapa lagi interframe ah -.-

Erah, Fizah and me...

i just loveee begambar :p

see you in final semester, ladies!

ooo i actually seldom begambar nampak gigi.

but in this picture, waa i look...just fine haha.

Fizah and me...

k papai!


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