Wednesday, 1 May 2013

i miss blogging :(

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

huhu sunyi je blog ku for the past 4 days... traffic pun very sikit. i miss blogging so since aku free right now i take the opportunity to update my blog :)

aku exam masa ne so of course busy ngan revision. next paper (Human Resources Management) is this Saturday so i have 2 days untuk revise. 2 papers dah berlalu; Business Planning and Control (29th April) and Entrepreneurship (this morning).

for the first paper, aku siap one hour early. and today's paper i keluar 40 minutes early. semua exam papers kami duration-nya 3 hours. nda ku tahan duduk lama inside exam hall/room for 3 hours! huhu.

a recent picture of me ^^

another recent picture...

this was taken last night.

location: The Core @ hostel baru. 

i sleep there throughout this revision week coz aku sudah check out dari hostel lama.

messy :p

tu namanya urang busy mengulangkaji :p

sempat main Twister game :p

release stress...

aku tukang putar saja ^^

we had fun ^^

maybe we were too loud last night so this morning we receive this :p

the paper was pasted on the wall di living room :p

sorry huhu...

k papai!

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