Friday, 3 May 2013

bila Fae diam and marah...

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah done blogwalking. i only read entries yang menarik perhatian ku. kalo kan read all feeds yang ada di dashboard ku, i don't think i can finish reading them all malam ne. i only comment kalo ku ada idea kan comment. 

okie dokie from the title itself, you can already tell it is about me. fae. 

dalam WeChat group (see above) my friends talked about err something that i have no idea about.

so one of them said, i mean texted, "diam fae kalo fae nda tau cerita hahaha."

and Fizah said if aku become quiet, it is kinda awkward.

other friends pun agree.

i am a talkative type of person.

so when i become silent out of sudden, macam something is not right.

to them.

usually i diam if i am marah.

maybe that's why my friends are 'worried' kalo aku diam.

hehe :p

remember this entry? tadi pagi (yesterday morning sepatutnya coz dah masuk hari Jumaat), still the same guys...i 'marah' them again. di campus. haha.

friend: takut ku eh HRM exam this coming Sabtu. macam payah ah...

*and they kept saying they are takut, not confident bla bla bla.

me: kalo takut, why you guys are not revising? you are doing other thing right now. main game!

friend: boh, fae marah!

*i burst into laugh. i am not marah, anyway. i just tegur them, in soft way. 

k papai!


  1. HRM tu Human Resourses Management ke?

    interesting subject. I like.

    1. yes, it is hehe i like the module too. kalo kerja nanti sy nak under HR department.

  2. sure tak keruan geng-geng fae bila fae diam kan..sunyi...

    1. hehe fae lagi x keruan coz x suka marah lama2..


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