Tuesday, 14 May 2013

a punishment for me! :(

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

yesterday i was punished by my uncle to wash all cars di rumah for did something wrong. what did i do? 

overcharging handphone sampai battery 'meletop"! haha. but yea, it was true. thanks to my uncle coz baik hati sponsor aku battery baru for my baby N8. however, my uncle still wanted to teach me a lesson for not taking a good care of my own handphone. 

throughout my life, i guess nda sampai 5 times aku pernah wash car. and yesterday, instead of cuci all i only cuci 3 cars. haha. 

nda sempurna cucian ku :(

masih ada daki kerita :l

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k papai!


  1. ahahahhahaha alolololo kesian alai fae :P itu lah akibat nya, x jaga brg baik2 kekekeke

    1. lesson learnt hahaha btw sorry lambat reply comment mu huhu


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