Tuesday, 2 April 2013

scuba diving. shall we?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

aku rindu kan ikut extreme outdoor activities anjuran Jabatan Belia dan Sukan. i wish i have enough budget, resources and equipment to organize extreme outdoor activities for my coursemates. asyik2 pegi liat movie, play bowling, swimming, shopping... mau jua try something different while spend time sama kawan2. 

alright. this time i wanna blog about scuba diving. i include scuba diving in my things-that-i-wanna-do-before-i-get-married list ^^ 

first thing first, i have to take proper swimming lesson if i seriously wanna try scuba diving. aku mau jua feel that awe moment when exploring the wonders surrounding 4500 hectares of coral reef here in Brunei. 

image credit to Mr Google :p

alright. the best time for diving in Brunei is from March to November as within that period is dry season di sini. if you wanna see shark the suggested places are around Brunei Patches, Ampa Patches and Iron Duke Shoals. 

wreck diving is available for those interested in exploring Brunei's `deep blue' and this is provided by Scuba Tech International Diving Centre which is located at the Empire Hotel and Country Club, Marine Centre.

i am not sure the exact charge yang dikenakan if kan ambil diving licence in Brunei. but i heard it is expensive. 

k papai ^^


  1. bestnya dapat buat aktiviti luar.. :)

  2. ermmmmmmmmmmm dream aku dulu... tapi entah kesibukakn hidup.. seua tebarai aktiviti outdormember2 semua pun kawin bernak pinak ehhe susah dah nak outing

    1. hehehe that's why i wanna many new things such as scuba diving before kahwin ^^

  3. best sangat kalau berscuba ni.. tapi xpernah try lagi.. teringin sgt

  4. wah, bestnya. hee, aktif jugak awk ya..main boling, shopping.. =)


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