Monday, 22 April 2013

random #15

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

i notice this month i kurang enjoy my life. maybe too much sudden bad and sad news i received sampai buat ku tertekan. but i must never merungut. if ne ujian dari-Nya i must accept it and berusaha find a solution(s) to it. 

i will :D

currently, i am listening to Gummy Bear song hehe ^^ childish yet catchy ^^ 

i would not realized a typo i made dalam tajuk entri yang ne if my bestie nda tegur haha. malas ku ubah. biarlah...

what i need?

- a new handphone
- a driving licence
- a new spec
- financially stable life

what i want?

- a new laptop
- stock of chocolates :p
- a guitar
- travelling

k papai ^^


  1. dont give up ya.. Keep fighting for life and dont forget to pray to Allah

  2. be strong and dont be give up.! always fight and makes the target comes true in da future.!! chaiyok.!! chaiyokk.!!

  3. Jangan putus asa dear.. InsyaAllah nanti tercapai semua yang diingini :) yang penting usaha dan tawakal..

    1. putus asa is the least thing that i wanna do :) i will keep doing my best. thanks!

  4. alahai.. kenapa ni fae.. sma la kita.. dengan kerja menimbun ni.. huhu..

    1. nothing much hehe biasalah life problems hehe :)


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