Thursday, 11 April 2013

random #14

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

yesterday, when i arrived at The Core masa Maghrib...

Rifan: eh Fae kami kan balik ne.

me: huh? tipu. (i was just arrived to join Rifan and her friends and they wanted to go home? -.-)

Rifan, Yui, Zatil, and Sai banar-banar cuba meyakinkan aku that they kan balik. i remember Rifan told me earlier that they would stayed at The Core til late night. i know they were lying coz their faces told me so :p

me: kamu tipu >.< lemme ask Niko. Niko, banar kah kamu kan balik kejap lagi?

Yui: *facing to Niko* yes kan Niko? (i saw Yui 'main-main' mata to Niko)

Niko: aaa no.. (blank face)

me: Yui, i saw you make those eyes :p

the rest: Niko!

gotcha! k papai ;)


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