Saturday, 13 April 2013

how to handle people with depression?

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

have you ever come across a person with depression? perhaps, your family member or relative or friend pernah or still mengalaminya... if yes, how do you exactly feel when dealing with this type of people? 

i do know a person yang menghidap penyakit depression ne. there are times i feel frustrated, feel like i wanna blame everyone, everything yang menyebabkan 'seseorang' ne jadi macam ne. Astaghfirullah...

i must be strong in front of the 'person' even though me myself sometimes nda tahan ngan ujian kehidupan camne.

i laugh, i smile.

but inside only Allah yang tau.

alright. back to the main point. how are you gonna handle people that has depression?

1. be there
2. try a small gesture
3. don't judge or criticize
4. avoid the tough-love approach
5. don't minimize their pain
6. avoid offering advice
7. avoid making comparisons
8. learn as much as you can about depression
9. be patient

for detail explanation please check out this site :)

k papai :)

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