Monday, 15 April 2013

day 53, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

this morning my tummy didn't feel good. it was sangat-ly sakit. dugal kali. i force myself to eat although my appetite was zero. masuk angin kali tummy ku plus last night aku lama menahan lapar so maybe that's why tummy ku sakit tadi. 

nda sempat lari ke toilet, i vomited dalam bakul sampah kelas tutorial kami. i masuk lecture sekejap saja then i blah to tutorial room. nda sempat sain attendance sheet. i seriously need to rest my tummy tadi tu. Alhamdulillah tummy ku felt better after i vomited. 

i texted one of my besties, Lina, to pick me up at campus. we rehat2 dalam bilik hostelnya while waiting for Amal to habis class. Rifan got programming test for 5 hours so ea nda dapat joined us lepak. 

me and Lina ^^

i am not photogenic but i like when people takes picture of me :p

at Kampong Rimba new recreational park.

we tried aaa batu acupuncture.

sakittt weyyy :/

baru 2 days dibukakan for public.

suka main ne when i was little.

the higher you jongkat the merrier :p

before ke Giant, Rimba to have our dinner there ^^

we makan di Jollibee, Giant ^^

i ordered C1 and a milo.

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k papai!


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