Tuesday, 2 April 2013

day 45, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

entri ne sepatutnya i publish kelmarin. aku nda buka blog last night coz i was so exhausted. awal ku zzz ^^ 

alright. apa ada cerita kelmarin? ^^

1) i arrived late at campus. on purpose :p well, blame Monday blues 'illness' :p lecture mula pukul 8:30 a.m but i masuk pukul 9:15 a.m hehe. after ku sain attendance i went out to toilet. when i came out i saw many of my friends keluar. i was like, "huh? lecture habis sudah kah?" *sing a happy song* LOL. nasib baik our BPC lecturer jenis nda kisah if students-nya datang akhir ^^

2) i joined my best friend, Rifan, and some of her coursemates makan tengahari di Nobita Giant. 

3) i hardly concentrated during Human Resources Management lecture in the afternoon. why? proudly blame Monday blues 'illness' :p what i did? main 'passing2' with my friends :p apa tu main 'passing2'? think. think. hehe.

4) initially, i planned to jog with Matt after HRM lecture. tapi my best friends 'kidnapped' aku di hostel :p they planned to go to Empire Beach to see sunset and pastu makan malam sama2. without further thinking, aku cancel 'date' ku ngan si Mat :p

5) while me and my best friends makan malam di Jerudong Park Food  Court, we discussed about our next plan which is candlelit dinner ^^ can't wait to celebrate our 6th bff-sary this May :D

a view of Empire Hotel.

heart-shaped stone :D

beautiful sunset :)

this cutie temani kami dinner di JP Food Court :p

k papai! 

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