Friday, 26 April 2013

best friend said, "curiosity kills..."

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

weehee i feel like in lalala land right now ;) everything seems beautiful and fantastic. oh my, wake up fae! *hit own head pakai frying pan* 

huhu finally, i get to feel again the feeling of missing someone like i used to feel for him ^^ this time i meet someone new *grinning shyly* 

who is he? lalala can't tell ya yet :p below are some of the screenshots of conversation between me and my besties tadi tengahari. hehe.

we are planning to celebrate our 6 years of anniversary@bestiesary this May if nada halangan ^^

and i promised to tell my besties who are the guy that i am currently in 'love' with during our special bestiesary ;)

hehe let them wondering :p

curiosity kills...

hahaha :p

Amal curious mau tau siapa :p

Rifan chill saja :p

Lina balum buka WeChatnya kot...

if he is meant to be mine, so let him be ^^

it is his attitude that makes me fall for him.

it is the inside beauty that matters ;)

k papai :)


  1. ehem2..oh rifan someone menyebut namamu

    1. aaa entri ne bukan untuk Rifan la hehehe

  2. assalamualaikum nur...seronoknya...;)

  3. jemput join segmen kathy..syarat mudah je..


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