Sunday, 17 March 2013

what i want. what i need.

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D  

i have chipsmore for breakfast tadi.

one of my LEAST favorite snacks hehe -.-

ah well, i just grab anything di depan mataku as long as perut ku berisi.

an old picture of me ^^

a face that menyimpan 1001 secrets.

alright this time i wanna share my wishlist.

check it out!

- a new laptop. i don't emphasize on the brand. so what if i can only afford Acer, not Apple? 
- a new handphone. i have to get a new one coz my current handphone bila2 masa buleh nazak >.< 
- a camera. photography may not be my new passion right now. but as a blogger i find it rather convenience to have your own camera.
- get a driving licence. i will be turning 22 this year and still don't know how to drive.
- learn how to bake ^^
- to gain weight up to 40 kg. yes, i am kinda skinny yet healthy.
- to graduate with excellent HND result.
- to further study in degree next year. i hope to get the chance to pursue my degree abroad.
- to belajar mengaji semula...
- to get rid off blackheads, whiteheads, zits! LOL :p
- to open up a business. what type of business? still thinking.
- ...

k papai ^^


  1. wah! banyak betul wishlist. hehe.
    FD suka chipsmore hazelnut! ^^v

    1. hehe some of them are wishlist lama and belum tertunai so i forward to this year la hehe.

      hazelnut sy kurengg cikit hehe.

  2. Nak tau macam mana nak buat brooch sendiri? baca sini :)

    1. waaa cam best je hehehehe thanks for sharing this with me ^^

  3. makan biskut je pagi2??? aduh..kalo aku memang tak tahan woh...tiada tenaga,,, adalah lebih baik makan berat2 sikit hehehe.... tapi apa la kan...ikut selera masing2...heheh yumyum....

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    1. a'hah ye :p aku tahan hahaha plus i drank lots of water. betul3 kekeke.


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