Monday, 25 March 2013

rojak rojak rojak :p

Assalamu'alaikum readers :

haa i will start my revision at 2 p.m :) i have wasted 'enough' time last 3 days. it is time to be serious. utak pun nda productive coz i don't use it wisely. berjam2 ngadap laptop online benda yang ntah apa2 ntah. LOL.

alright. let's layan gambar2 dibawah that i proudly took from FB and Google :p rojak entri kali ne hehe.

MOST people yang ku pernah ikut tumpang keritanya normally will ZOOMMM when the traffic light turns yellow :p

it scares me sometimes :l

yet i guarantee i will do the same thing when i get my own driving licence one day :p

haha penyeluru :p

no stress, no stress :p

btw i would like to congratulate my Malaysian fellow bloggers yang lulus SPM. 

yang kurang berjaya, maie hayati cakap Bill Gates ne, "i failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. now he is an engineer in Microsoft and i am the owner of Microsoft."

my #1 favorite cartoon series :p

Oggy and the Cockroaches!

Oggy: a blue cat. a good guy. and he's wimp. protagonist of the show. favorite pastime is watching TV ^^

Jack: Oggy's cousin. arrogant guy. chemistry enthusiastic. a perfect target for the roaches to annoy :p

Joey: a pink-bodied, purple-headed roach. a so-called leader of the roaches.

DeeDee: a pink-bodied, orange-headed roach. has crazy appetite. 

Marky: a grey-bodied, green-headed roach. love dating girls and reading books.

true :)

what's left is either you wanna learn the life's lesson or repeat the same mistake again.

think before you speak.

it is better keep quiet than talking nonsense.

love yourself, love others.

k papai :)

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