Saturday, 16 March 2013

no H2O! :/

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

*cough! cough!* aigoo almost a week dah aku batuk2 and selsema. pening2 lagi... tapi dalam sakit selera makan makin kuat. hehe.

lazy Saturday. no new assignment. but i have revision to do untuk tests and big exam nanti.

arghhh no H2O :/ i still can survive without electricity. but no H2O? huwaa :/ 

during survival youth camp yang aku pernah joined twice in Pelumpong Island pun sudah buat aku tertekan coz water supply is very limited. sudah namanya survival kan...

a few minutes ago, on my Google+ page ada hamba Allah yang peka commented on the picture below that i have shared...

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Maaf Ustaz Don tak penah cakap macam ni..!

maaf lah kalo banar Ustaz Don nda pernah cakap macam tu o.O i just kongsi yang i thought appropriate. maaf again :( sometimes, copy&paste ne nda jua bisai kalo nada sumber sahih... k papai!


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