Friday, 15 March 2013

my best friend said, "Fae macam cupid."

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

yesterday, masa on the way balik hometown with two of my best friends we talked about our memories masa mula2 berkawan rapat and also about their love stories.

antara memories that we recalled were masa one of my best friends (i don't wanna expose her name here) kan break up with her boyfriend lama dulu. see a) and b).

a) first masa kan break up with Mr MJ, my best friend asked for my help to write a polite break up script. with lack of break up experiences, i tried my best to karang ayat minta putus yang polite habis. unfortunately, after my best friend putus with Mr MJ durang nda lagi betagur :( Mr MJ and aku masih lagi berkawan walaupun seldom be-contact. 

b) the 2nd time masa my best friend ne kan putus (or sudah putus? nda lagi ingat.) with Mr AA. masa ne my best friend perlukan someone to comfort her coz Mr AA was mad. last minute ea messaged aku asked me to come over to her house coz Mr AA kan datang to give back all the things that my best friend pernah bagi ea. aku and Mr AA masih lagi berkawan. tapi my best friend and Mr AA nda lagi betagur :( 

fact: Mr MJ and Mr AA nda tau until now aku lah saksi rahsia disebalik kisah putus they all sama my best friend. 

c) i have other close friend, Ms AA. masa ea masih couple sama Mr MH, aku selalu ikut durang dating or jalan2 haha :p sudah kena offer jalan2, aku layan je :p 

d) when i was in pre-university level, aku selalu accompanied Ms MR jumpa her boyfriend-to-be :p bila both of them sudah makin serasi berdua, my companion service was no longer needed. LOL. now kami 3 study in the same university. suka tengok hubungan Ms MR and Mr SS masih tahan lama. Ms MR ada beberapa kali cakap, "Fae mesti datang time kami kawin nanti coz kau pernah tolong temani aku jumpa Mr SS selalu dulu."

so yea, one of my best friends said "Fae macam cupid." hahaha :p

apa similarity-nya aku pun nda tau hehe.

one thing for sure, cupid doesn't exist.

semua tu is a myth.

k papai ^^

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