Thursday, 28 March 2013

day 44, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

Alhamdulillah time well spent with coursemates today :) we had group photoshoot this morning. it is for ITB yearbook. i am not gonna buy it :p i would rather spend my $12.00 on food and movie ticket than buy the yearbook. ah well, not too worry. i will save all the pictures of my coursemates inside my blog ^^ 

me and Fizah.

behind us is the ITB new lecture theater. 

balum lagi rasmi dibuka.

the boys busy ambil gambar formal.

we the girls busy posing sakan :p

we were excited begambar di bangunan baru ITB.

aku terpaksa tahan lutut berdiri melengkuk like above :p

best shot eh? *wink*

taken outside our tutorial room ^^

happy faces of M2 girls ^^

Fizah, me and Hayah ^^

time ne we had lunch di Restoran WYWY, Serusop.

terus we celebrated birthday si Aqil and Majid ^^

thanks to Erah coz sudi sent gambar2 ne via Whatsapp.

fact: kami rasa panasss pakai baju kurung :p

uleh sebab today we had group photoshoot so have to wear lah.

p/s: pocket money ku makin kurang :(

 k papai :)


  1. nice pics dear... everytime i look at your pics... your face keep changing...ekekekeke...

    1. thanks kak farah :) oh is it? hehe teknik camera kot :p

  2. nice visit here... and happy study...



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