Tuesday, 19 March 2013

day 38, sem 4 :)

Assalamu'alaikum readers :D

as usual nada lecture or tutorial class every Tuesday. our plan kan pegi hiking at Tasek Lama this morning is cancelled. later at 4.45 p.m got aerobic session at ITB sports court. hmm macam malas mau pegi. i should not register as a member at the first place. huhu.

i have wrote down a list of things that i should do today. ada 9 and i have done 5 of 9 tasks. hehe. 

i notice there is less enjoyment in my life lately. ah well, i do love blogging, spending time with friends, listen to favorite tracks. but i want to do something different and new that i never try before. such as what? scuba diving, caving. in fact i wanna kayak again. 

scuba diving

k papai ^^


  1. scuba diving memang x lepas ler...kakak x pandai berenang.... hu hu hu..

    1. sy pun don't know how to swim hehe tp sy jenis yg suka mencuba ^^ di Brunei water sports mmg laku.

  2. selagi muda dan bertenaga..jangan lepaskan peluang yg ada, jangan menanti tapi harus dicari..ia sebagai cabaran dalam hidup !

    1. yea agree ^^ tapi kalo something tu cost you mmore, need tu think semula jugak kan. for e.g. like to ambil scuba diving licence mmg mahal. yg x mampu macam sy, gigit jari je lah wlupun really nak try it out.


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